Monday, June 2, 2008

a convert

Jake didn't really have any interest in talking mice... Buzz Lightyear, yes, but mice no.

That is, until last Wednesday.

While Grandma and Grandpa E. were in town, we made the perquisite trip to the house of mouse and stayed the night in order to have two days of mouserific good times. And were they? Actually yes. He waited in line for the rides reasonably well to our surprise. He road several rides and screamed, "ALL DONE, ALL DONE" and "MORE, MOOOOOORE, AGAIN, AGAIN!" all in the same breath and fell in love with every college student / wannabe actor that pranced around in fur, polka dots & large white gloves. He's even a convert regardless of what a fiasco meeting his lordship mouse ended up being. It was almost like meeting the Queen or something. I said almost. Somehow we got suckered into buying season passes. Either we're gluttons for punishment or maybe we were enchanted to do so by this guys voice on the next video. Oh the magic!


jamie said...

ha! i love the voice. sadly we missed him... our storybook guide was a kind old lady. :)

kitty said...

looks like fun! you go mom and dad.