Monday, July 14, 2008

4 months and 3 days

I look at her sometimes and wonder, "where on earth did you come from?", as if she just landed on our doorstep in a basket. She's so beautiful. I think her eyes might stay blue.

She's is getting a lot of hand control now. She can grasp things and hit herself euphorically in the face with them.
She can also roll over now. She's so advanced. It's scares me how fast she is growing up. It is truly painful. I want her to stay this age forever. However, she's at that really annoying stage where she'll roll over on her belly and be very happy about it, but then realize she's stuck and needs rescuing. Once she's there, she'll sort of lurch around like a little sow bug. I mean that in the nicest possible way. It's the beginning of crawling I guess.

She's such a happy baby. She'll just crack up at practically anything you do making you feel like a very fun person to be around. In other words she very good for the ego. I'll sit in front of her for the longest time making funny faces and playing peek-a-boo and she will go into complete hysterics. I don't remember Jake being that way. He was a more serious, pensive baby. He still kind of is. He's just is more discerning on what amuses him. It's a genius thing.

I need to vent about something. Right now we're struggling to figure out what to do with the sleeping situation. Chloe's still in our room and it's wearing. We're afraid to put her in with Jake because I have visions of him, with the best of intentions, offering her every blanket off his bed and, well, you can imagine. Once she's able to actually crawl out from under them that won't be an issue, but for now it obviously is. Even once she can somewhat defend herself, I still don't think they can co-habitate for very long.

So, for this reason, and many, many others we think we're putting the house on the market. I'm both excited and majorly freaked out about this. This is obviously a huge decision, but it was going to happen at some point in the very near future anyway. Therefore we're making the leap now. Here's the thing that worries me, with the market the way it is right now and with the lenders being very stingy, we might not be able to afford L.A.
So we've started entertaining the idea of leaving the state. I know. The sad thing is we only have a couple choices with Jonathan's work and Kansas City and Dallas are the most likely. I know. Aside from Chloe, I just don't think our hair is big enough for either, but we could afford a really big house (with a pool!) compared to the tiny fixer we could get here in L.A. and that's very seductive. I've never been a fan of L.A. anyway. Born and raised here, I can safely say I've had enough of this place. If we actually took advantage of what this place has to offer like the beach and night life or had family here I'd be more hesitant, but we don't. We can sit on our couch and wear wigs anywhere in the country and do it for a lot less. Hell, it would be a much bigger couch too. That said, it'll be a while before we throw in the towel and leave California. We're going to try to stay here, but there is a very real plan B so stay tuned and rock on.

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kitty said...

oh man. i totally understand. i heard a story on npr recently about LA transplants and where they were moving (charlotte, nc???!!) and what they could afford. it was amazing. it's a hard place to live with multiple kids.
and having done it and bought and remodeled a great house with plenty of space and land and still have money left over i can tell you it's worth it. and remember this - lenders are stingy, but it's not like mortgages are flying out the door these days, either. they still want your money.
change is good! embrace it.
good luck and keep us posted!!!