Sunday, July 20, 2008

gimme gabba

We have a new family favorite past time around here... and no, it's not wearing wigs.
I guess I wouldn't call it a past time, it's more of a favorite distraction.
Yo Gabba Gabba has it all - creative design, novel mid century-ish animation, and catchy/sometimes annoying tunes and then cranks it up a notch. Or three. It’s easily the most pop-saturated, design savvy preschooler show I've ever seen. I'm ridiculously excited about this show. Almost more so than Jake & apparently I'm not alone. It seems the show has also acquired a bit of a cult following with 20 somethings. Most of them, I'm guessing, potheads OR just parents who used to be... Like the Teletubbies, this children's show has become the visual equivalent of the munchies. Honestly, the show is just weird, but a good weird. Not creepy weird except for the fact that i find it disturbing that the characters' mouths don't move. Mostly it's pure, innocent happy weird.
For example...

& on one of My other favorite shows Joel regularly pays homage to all the great dancing happening.

My name is Jeannine - I like to dance!

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jamie said...

i've seen this a few times and liked it... but this just clinched it's tivo status. in my tummy party party! awesome.