Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 months

It goes so crazily fast that it's no wonder we're all just a little bit edgy. One day you're six months old and you're learning to crawl backwards, and then all of a sudden you find yourself in line at the DMV.

She's the most gorgeous, alert baby you ever saw in your life. Everyone says so. She's that baby that enters the room and everyone notices. You know the type. Her legs and head are huge. Gigantic. Enormous. I take that as a good sign. She's usually always smiling and is my little ray of sunshine during this crazy time. She still doesn't realize that she might be homeless in a few weeks. The way this rental house hunting is going, we'll be buying a house on wheels and renting our driveway from the new owners. 

Anyway, as I said, she's starting to crawl which is both exciting and scary. It's sort of sad too. I've truly enjoyed these past months of being able to just plop her down on a playmat and not worry that she'll end up in the fireplace. Those days are pretty much over and the days of motility, in other words, never leaving the room to even pee, are here. This seems to be coming around much sooner than it did with Jake. I think he waited until around 7-8 months before he decide to take off. I tried telling her that crawling is over rated. Hard on the knees. She just responds, "SPPPPPPPPPPPPPPBBBB."

She's also, I think, amazingly intuitive. She seems to sense bad people, bad moods, or bad places and signals by completely dissolving into tears. Once the offending situation is gone, she's fine. For example, this happened just yesterday. We went to look at a house that was for rent and as soon as we walked through the front door, Chloe started whimpering. She only got worse as we continued the tour. By the time we got 3 rooms in, she was totally beside herself. I just kept reassuring the landlord that she was just tired and hungry, however, she had just had a solid nap and ate right before we arrived which usually guarantees a great mood. Oddly enough, once we walked out to the back yard, she was fine. The same meltdown played out when we walked back through, but again was cool as a cucumber once we left the house. 

Lucky for Chloe, we're not going to rent that house. There is obviously more to that decision than just Chloe's opinion, like the peeling brown and yellow lead paint in the kitchen, the mold smell & the heater that came from the Titanic. Still, her reaction just didn't sit well with me.  Maybe, she's one of those spooky indigo children who we'll have to send to some special school out in Sedona, where she can practice Reiki and learn about auras. 

So, along with backwards crawling & a well developing sixth sense, she's also a avid solid food eater now. However, while she's been eating great for the last 4 weeks, this last week she's discovered a new trick, sticking her tongue out at every opportunity. Especially while eating.  Spoon goes in, tongue goes out.  It's like she forgot how to eat. For some reason, I find this hilarious and at the same time, worrisome. Since I'm a chronic fretter, I automatically now assume that she's got some sort of oral/motor issue. Any thoughts?

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