Monday, September 1, 2008

sad elbow

otherwise known as nursemaid elbow. We had a scary moment today involving this dubious injury... When we got home from Toys R Us today to buy a potty, we noticed that Jake was no longer using his right arm and was holding it close to his body. While he wouldn't raise or straighten his arm, he also wasn't crying or acting like he was in pain. The only thing different about him was the fact that he refused to use his arm. It was obvious that something was really wrong.

So, we took him into the ER where he was diagnosed with this nursemaid elbow thing, and was subsequently treated with a re-adjustment, a green popsicle, and a Motrin. According to the ER doctor and everything else I've yet read, this is a pretty common injury with toddlers. However, usually it is caused by a child being picked up by his arms or a sudden pull on the arm and we don't recall anything like that happening. I do remember holding his arm to walk him across the parking lot in front of Toys R Us, but he wasn't resisting so I wasn't pulling and, as I recall, he seemed completely fine once I let go. Jonathan and I also never pick him up by his hands except during the occasional game we play where he'll jump or swing between Jonathan & I, but we didn't do that this morning and we'll certainly never play that game again after this. Like I said, the ER doctor reassured us that this is a VERY common injury for toddlers and it can easily happen on its own without any obvious reason. That makes me feel a little bit better, but I still just wish I knew what caused it. For all I know he could have dislocated his elbow by riding in the shopping cart. God knows I'm hell on wheels in a store. Very strange.

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jamie said...

ohh... poor jake! sorry you had to spend your labor day in an ER... hope his elbow is on the mend!