Friday, September 5, 2008

Sad Growth Plate Fracture to Humerus Bone

So yesterday, I worked my magical skills of complaining and begging and was able to get Jake in that afternoon to see the Orthopedic surgeon which was one day sooner than his original appointment. I had changed my mind about him getting in a cast and decided that it would be the only way to keep my VERY active 2 yr. old from doing more damage to his poor little arm. As it turns out, they are not able to cast in that location and the only thing they could do for him was to find him a sling small enough to wear. One decorated with mice no less (picture to soon follow). So for now, we've sort of jury rigged his sling with some velcro to keep Jake from pulling it off (I love that stuff, so many uses). At least it kind of inhibits the use of that arm. I'm just so nervous that it won't be enough and he'll still find a way to hurt it more.

I feel so completely helpless because he obviously just doesn't get it and continues, against my best efforts, to run around like a monkey on crack, tripping and banging his arm into things along the way. I feel like I need to find some heavy duty, industrial strength, could hold down a rabid elephant, velcro and stick him to the wall. That, or some ritalin. I'm kidding, I'd never drug my kid.

We'll go back in 3 weeks to check the progress of his healing and I'm praying with everything in me that it all heals well and he doesn't end up with a growth issue, causing him to have a 2 yr. old arm on an adult body or an adult arm on a 5 yr. old body. I guess, at least, if it did end up accelerating growth and he ended up with some crazy monkey arm, he'd make a damn good goalie or catcher. Sadly though, any dreams of ever stealing Michael Phelps' world record would be dashed because he'd only be able to swim in a circle.


The Pierce Posse said...

Crazy stuff about the arm. I'm thinking of you. Keep the updates coming.

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