Wednesday, October 8, 2008

move'n on up

So I've been a little verklempt recently because on Friday, we're moving all our stuff about 8 blocks into a new rental house. It's just not every day that you move out of your first home. A home that has done us proud. We got engaged, got married, had Jake, then Chloe, found Oliver and lost Clarence all under this roof. I've learned lots of new words like “soffit” and “fascia” and “downspouts” and “garage” and even used them in their correct context. However, there are just too many darn cars around here. We live right across from a school and, gosh darnit, I'm ready for me some QUIET. And this new place, oh so quiet. Almost spooky quiet. I'll probably have to leave the t.v. on playing "Plains, Trains and Automobiles" for the first month. It'll be weird. The first night especially. Weird not only in the obvious way, but weird because Chloe will be moving into her own bedroom. It's a desirable move, yet a sad move all at once. I've just gotten so used to having her next to me. The bassinet days are finally over. Oh, and I'm PMSing. Jonathan's going to have his hands full this weekend.

Knowing the control freak personality that I have, I'm kinda worried that since we're not moving very far, I'll end up stalking the new owners in their new house and critiquing any improvements that they make. Ew, did you see that new mailbox they put out? And the neighbors will look at me like, "don't you have a home?". You see, you get very protective of a house you've sunk so much blood, sweat and tears (and money) into over the years. I guess, I really need to let go. However, I probably will wander over from time to time to see if Calico, the stray that sort of adopted us, is still around. These poor people are going to be like, "oh great, here's that nutjob lady that thinks she still lives here... sitting in our driveway... petting that nasty stray cat. Can't we call someone?". I hope they'll at least be halfway decent people and maybe throw out a little bowl of food for her from time to time. We would take her if we could, but she's way too feral. She's the one who owns this place.

So anyway, for those not in the know, we're not making this a permanent move. So yeah, we're nuts. We're going to pack up and move somewhere else in about a year. Did I mention we're nuts? And slightly masochistic? We decided to sell because we just outgrew our house and wanted something quieter. Sell we did, and thankfully, before any of this crazy Wall Street stuff went down. Talk about making it under the wire. So, if our prediction is correct, the housing market should continue to drop for at least another year or two and that will afford us something bigger and better, but most likely, not in California. I'm okay with moving out of L.A... I think. Change is good. At least, that's what I've heard. Stay tuned.


Addie's Mama said...

moving sucks but unpacking is sorta fun. this is from someone who has lived in three different places in the 4 yeas I've been in LA.

jamie said...

Gosh darn it? I think someone has been watching a little too much Sarah Palin. :)