Sunday, November 23, 2008


I can't remember being in such a state of the warm fuzzys for a long, long time. My heart is beating like a rabbit. Chloe uttered her first word. A word that will make any woman melt into a big pile of goo, especially when it is the first word that comes out of  her baby's mouth, "Mama". Jake didn't say "Mama" for at least 12 months. I can't really remember exactly when he finally said it, but I do remember that it was waaaaay down on the list of his first words.  In fact, I think "digger" came before "Mama". It hurt, I'm not going to lie but Chloe's making up for my hurt feeling the first time around by making it her first word. What a smart baby.


Kathy said...

You two are so cute together in this picture.
She looks like a Mama's girl.

Addie's Mama said...

awwww good chloe. our cat's name beat out mama for us.