Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

this just might make my head explode

There are many reasons I love winter time. This is definitely up there on that list. At least top 5. There's nothing better than a bundled up baby. Now I know she isn't exactly bundled up in winter gear, it's more like a "fall look", but still. Cute overload people.

Friday, December 12, 2008

mother of the year

The mother of this poor child certainly is not. Not that anyone can live up to that title. I certainly can't, but after reading this, I feel pretty damn good at it. One of my favorite boggers, Heather B. Armstrong, shared this story a while back. I just read it and have been completely beside myself in shock and horror ever since. A mixture of emotions ranging from anger and unbelievable sadness, to hope. I know this isn't exactly a warm, fuzzy holiday tale, but this story does truly unveil the best and worst in people. The adoptive parents of this little girl should win Parents of the Year for sure.
Be sure to look at the video and interviews as well.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Obligatory Post About the Yearly Santa Photo

The Christmas season doesn't officially begin until someone mails us a card or photo with their child screaming and peeing their pants on Santa's lap. There's something slightly sadistic but strangely heartwarming about the whole scene.

Every year since Jake was born, we have marched our festive butts down to the local mall and have gotten that perquisite photo of the big jolly guy and Jake, and every year Jake has the same reaction.

Pure unadulterated terror.

He was absolutely frozen. About the only thing on Jake's body that moves during the whole ordeal is his quivering chin which always quivers when he's nervous. I feel kinda bad. Chloe was just like WTF? Jake was so freaked out that he couldn't even bring himself to take a candy cane when "Santa" offered it. Poor kid.
If you care to take a walk down memory lane here are the previous years, 2007 & 2006.
ho ho ho.