Friday, December 11, 2009

tidings of comfort and joy...

and here it is... Chloe obviously feeling the joy and Jake, as always, just hardly containing his. We went to the mall last Saturday for the obligatory santa photo and made a poor old guy in a red suit feel really bad about his job.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet the Girls

Lucy, the Rhode Island Red, and Ethel, the Plymouth Barred Rock, are the newest members of our kooky family. They're sweet, plucky and just about ready to lay me some eggs... this Spring.

We picked these two up last weekend at this little mom and pop place called Blue Hill Farm just north of Ojai where they raise pygmy goats, turkeys and, of corse, rare breeds of chickens.

more photos here of kids and pygmy goat kids to fullfill that cuteness need. No need to push, there's enough to go around.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

chickens are the new black

Haven't you heard? pshaw!

We're getting chickens!!! That's right, do not adjust your monitors. Because, getting a new house just wasn't enough. If you're on facebook and know me you probably already know this.

This whole chicken thing, for any of you who know me, wasn't an over night decision. I've had egg/chicken envy for years but we never really had the right yard to accommodate such creatures. This all started while reading a Martha Stewart magazine article about her chickens when I stumbled upon this cute coop, The Omlet Eglu, which is this very cool looking, ingeniously designed coop for the backyard chicken keeper. It's very Martha. But still I dreamed. Then the day came when we got this house & I knew I wouldn't have to dream anymore. So I ordered the coop last week and it arrived on Monday. It's not an eglu because we decided, unless the chickens are laying golden eggs, we're just not spending that kind of money. So, this is what we got...

It's by Handcrafted Coops and while I know it's not cheap per-say, but for the price that it would have cost Jon & I financially, mentally and emotionally to build one, it was worth it and still a lot cheaper than the eglu.

So, you might be asking why of all things am I raising chickens? Well, there is just something about knowing where your food is coming from that is nice. I've have this permaculture / urban farming fantasy in my head and I'm just crazy enough to try it. Chickens are not exactly what I am used to for a pet as not being the furbearing type, but there's just something sunny and useful about them that is endearing. Plus, depending on the breed, they can be very friendly, want a cuddle and follow you around your yard. They provide a natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden and eat all the bugs. I've even heard on and other blogs by people with them that they provide hours of entertainment. Food for them is cheap and each chicken will usually reward you with an egg a day.

So, since we moved in, Jon and I have been talking about this chicken venture. Well, mainly I have been doing the talking and convincing and pulling together power point presentations on just how much better our life would be if we had them and how I've got this chicken poop thing all figured out. I really don't, but for the sake of argument, I did just order a fancy new composter which in turn should give us amazing compost with all that poop we'll, erhum, I will be collecting which will in turn give us big fatty vegetables next spring. Have I mentioned that Jon doesn't eat veges OR EGGS? At least one of us is excited.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween and such

Let me just start by saying, Jake is so excited he could pee himself. Honestly, he actually has once or twice. We're still having accidents when we get excited, you see... Anyway, he's climbing the walls, waiting, anticipating and counting down the seconds until that fantastic holiday where everyone (who's fun) plays dress up and goes parading around the neighborhood begging for candy. It just doesn't get much better than that... Except for Christmas which he is already climbing the walls, waiting, anticipating etc. etc. for. Chloe is still just like "WTF?", but is happy to devour sweets if she has too. She'll even wear a silly hat if that helps get her a cupcake.

Oh, and yeah, we're in our house and down to just one box left to unpack. I fully anticipate staring at said box in about 9 months, which is sitting dead center on the floor in my office, wondering what's in it. But hey, we're pretty settled and are even hosting a pre trick or treat party tomorrow just to prove it. aaaaaaack!

By the way, in case you're wondering why Chloe is holding a graham cracker instead of a broom, Mama wanted a picture and a graham cracker was the only way to get it. That, and I had to take it away because she was whacking her brother with it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We are THAT family

Yes, you're probably wondering what the first thing we unpacked was... surprisingly, it wasn't halloween decorations. Regardless, I got them up because I'm just that CRAZY. Priorities people, priorities. Who needs to know where the hell the cups are... we've got pumpkins! Yay pumpkins!

So, this is our new home and we're pretty happy with it. It feels like home.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Oh, how I've neglected you, my sweet blog. I have many, many updates but have simply been too busy to sit down and type them out. Bare with us, as we're in the midst of a move. Yep, we got the house!

For the last month or so I've been running around like a lunatic, signing closing papers, inspections, packing, organizing, tossing, painting & landscaping. It has seemed like an insurmountable task but I'm starting to see the light. It has felt like weeks that we've been living with piles of crap up to our ears. There are many days where I literally have to search for one of the kids behind one of the many wobbly mountains of boxes throughout the house. They think it's just the new way of living, living amidst piles of boxes. It's great fun and even more fun are the meandering rabbit warrens between boxes which are riddled with booby traps.. Matchbox cars, trains, Darth Vader's little light saber and legos seem to be strategically placed just so you go skidding across the floor in the middle of the night.

I'm also discovering what pack rats Jon & I are. I was going through our files last week and found a receipt for old paint from 2002 and other warranties and instructions for appliances I sold at a garage sale 5 years ago but couldn't throw away because SOMEDAY I'D NEED IT. It's been a very revealing process. As I sit here typing instead of doing the 109 other things on my task list, I stare at the embarrassing piles of bills to file and other such random articles from magazines and receipts that I NEED for some REALLY IMPORTANT reason [erhum]. Maybe we don't need 10 Easter baskets and that box of old handbags that I haven't seen since the last move.

A new house is like a new beginning and a good excuse for a garage sale which is number 104 on my list. How else could we afford to buy more stuff?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, what to title this one...

Maybe, "Dancing King", "So He Thinks He Can Dance", "Sir Dance A LOT", "Booty Shaker", "Dancing With the Jake"?

Oh I know, "Crazy Dancing Whacked Out Toddler".

Yeah, I think that's the one.

Sadly, this is the only video out of the many we thought we had recorded, but didn't because of our crappy broken camera. It does, however, give you a taste.

You have to admire how blissfully unencumbered he is. I think most toddlers fall into the category of either a bouncer or a booty shaker. Jake is more of a full-body-gyrating-breakdancing-on-the-ground-and-back-up-again-disco dude. He even has this move where he looks like he's playing an invisible keyboard. Don't ask me where he got this. I don't care. It's just awesome. I don't think there is likely anything more entertaining than watching him dance & just about everyone within sight didn't know quite what to make of him, but had to smile if not laugh (bless him). He's got moves, what can I say.

My name is Jake and I like to Dance!

No Purple Dinosaur

In case you're still really confused about the "no purple dinosaur' thing, the lake we were at in the video was called Barney Lake. Jonathan & I had the pleasure of hiking 8 miles to have a picnic at that lovely place. Also, in case you were wondering, Jonathan was not as big of a curmudgeon as he looks to be in the video.

I'm just finally getting my head around posting on this here blog. I almost forgot how it works... Wha? I have to actually type something of interest? Nah, how about I just post a few random photos from our recent trip to Grandma's house at Twin Lakes. We had such a great time and Jon & I even got away for a hike, just the two of us. WEEEEEE! More photos here.

Jake & his Auntie Kat

Jon and his "catch"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chudleyvision Turned 3

... two days ago. I've been a wee bit preoccupied with pirates and fat lips and such. This is the first photo I uploaded of Jake for my very first post. [sniff]

Happy belated birthday of sorts to my sweet little blog. [cueing hallmark muzac]

We've been through A LOT. Leaky boobs, a mucus plug or two, crying, screaming, faces melting and other wonderful moments. Ah, the memories. Misty water yada yada. You know where I'm going and I'm nice enough to spare you. maybe....

super hero

Let me introduce you to the Caped Pirate Crusader [ARRRRHHH] who is using his thumb of doom to take down Helmet Man. (Note karate moves even though he's never seen or been taught karate in his life... that I know of. Just curious, why is it that boys do this?)

I give you Helmet Man, the Caped Pirate Crusaders naughty nemesis [muaa aaa aaa aaaa]. Yes, both Dracula and Helmet Man are allowed to say the same thing. Bam! Boom! Pow! CRASH!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Looks like we're staying in L.A.

We just heard we finally got our offer accepted by the bank in a property short sale. Said property being our dream home and said offer happened to get accepted on Jonathan's 38th birthday. YAAAAAY! I feel like the Jeffersons aside from the fact that we're not moving to the eastside or into a delux apartment in the sky and other obvious reasons (trying to be pc here).
Ok, not a very good comparison. Still though, you know you have the theme song stuck in your head now so why not indulge in watching this little video here. C'mon, it'll be therapeutic.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday, I had one of those epiphany moments that has adjusted my way of thinking in a big way. I saw a woman standing by the freeway holding up one of those cardboard signs asking for help while I was driving somewhere to buy some new shoes. While I didn't stop for her, I did take notice of her. If I had to guess, I'd guess that she was maybe around my age, somewhere in her early thirties. What really struck me was how she didn't look like the stereotypical homeless person. She looked somewhat pulled together and had her red hair pulled back neatly into a ponytail. I could be wrong about this, but it seemed like she was new to the homeless thing. I kept driving.

Lately I've been guilty of grumbling about certain things, certain inadequacies in the material sense. Ever since we've moved into this house that we now rent, I've grumbled about the kitchen with its big ugly, orange pine cabinets & appliances over 20 years old. I've grumbled about the bathroom, the fact that we have to share the bathroom with our kids [guffaw!], the lack of central air conditioning, etc. etc. Since putting an offer on this other house which is PERFECT but in a short sale, I've had more reasons to complain. While I feel positive that eventually we'll get the house, I've heard myself complain even more. Every time I walked into the ugly green bathroom or kitchen I'd remind myself that SOON we'd have a better bathroom and kitchen. Soon, I'd be able to evenly bake something in the oven without rotating it 10 times. Finally, a bigger bedroom & our own bathroom.... you get the idea. Boohoo, right?

So, back to the shoes... I was getting a little annoyed that I couldn't find was I was after, not that I really had a clue what that was. I finally accepted defeat and left. Yet, as I left and the whole time I was in the store, I couldn't shake that woman that I saw by the freeway. On my way home I drove by her again & decided to grab a wad of singles that I had in the car and give them to her. I handed over what I had & she thanked me as I drove away.

And as drove, I was hit with this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and empathy. I couldn't help but wonder, what on earth happened to that woman to put her in that position. What sad chain of circumstances and events led her to stand by the 90 freeway. I cried. I realized that we are all a few steps away from that freeway off ramp. This economy has left thousands of middle class families homeless. The worst of it, I think, are all of the homeless children & homeless retirees who were supposed to be sitting on a beach enjoying their golden years. And here I am, complaining about kitchen cabinets and not finding another pair of shoes to buy. I am a lucky girl. My husband has a job. We have a roof over our heads. I get to stay home and raise the kids. We have kitchen cabinets and stuff to put in them. We have a shower AND and bathtub. We even each have our own rooms in which to call our own. We have our health. We have our children. We are so ridiculously lucky.

How can we ever expect to be happy and fulfilled if we can't appreciate what we have now. While this all may sound cliche and I know we've all heard this before, I think we tend to forget how a simple change of attitude can change our well being. If we always focus on what we don't have, the new house, the fancy cell phone, the better car, we will never be happy even if we do get those things. I am so grateful that I saw that woman yesterday. She reminded me to not take for granted how fortunate I am to live the life that I've been blessed to live.

I am also grateful to be able to share some great blogs about being grateful.

"In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy."
-- Albert Clarke, photographer


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

monday morning

... as seen through the eyes of Jake when he stole my camera.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day (w/ muppets)

Nobody whoops it up on the 4th of July quite like my British husband but I think the Swedish Chef wins the spirit award hands down in the following 4th of July special presentation brought to you by Chudleyvision.. I have watched this at least a dozen times and seriously think you should too. It's way better than zoloft... just sayin'. As usual, I'm just trying to spread joy to the people. I give and I give [sigh]. Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Things You Do for Love

Posing with "Mr. Recycle"

looking right at home on her new fork lift.

The thought bubble over Jakes head would read

Today we headed down to the West Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation for a stinky good time. Jake loves himself some garbage trucks and practically fainted with glee when he saw 50 or so of them lined up for his own amusement. Seriously. There were at least 50. All covered in ick and my son was out of his mind, happy about it. He climbed on them, honked their horns & pushed many a button. Not to worry, like any good germaphobe mother, I was well armed with a bucket of hand sanitizer and obsessively sanitized every square inch of his body once the whole fiasco was over.

How to Accessorize Properly

When in doubt, make it pink!

Chloe's favorite thing on in this world besides Oliver the cat and her bunny is this shiny pink purse. She has clutched it going on 4 days now. Where ever we go, it goes. The sunglasses have also since become another of her favorites. I have tried to take them away but she will look at me like, Oh NO YOU DIDN'T!, followed by a fit of epic proportions. Hey, I guess if Jack Nicholson can get away with indoor sunglasses, so will she.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Hats off to all of you hands on dads.
Today we celebrated just that.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jake and Mr. Hyde

photo taken about an hour ago

Jake, oh Jake, how sweet you can be, but then the moon comes out and I wonder what happened to thee. Where do I come up with it? I don't know. So, moving on....

Please help me understand this, the terrible twos are supposed to be over when? Because, I'm not seeing any lights at the end of any long noisy tunnels.

You see... anyone who knows Jake, knows he has two sides. Happy, sweet, thoughtful Jake and, well, Mr. Hyde. Tantrums are a very normal and frequent occurrence at our house even with all the good vibes I've been exuding lately. I know, completely unappreciated. I barely flinch these days. Jon and I are typically at a constant state of tantrum alert, ready to instate the operation extinguish tantrum routine which is still not fully perfected.

So, I just reassure myself and everyone else in his path that he's just passionate... About EVERYTHING. He can go from a normal volume to earth shattering decibels in seconds. His motto is, when in doubt, scream at a pitch that will make my mother's face melt. He can completely loose it over anything. ANYTHING. Doc says it's just the terrible twos. Uh, hello, he's three. I expected way more maturity by now. He is getting better though. Better meaning he'll only tantrum for 25 minutes instead of an hour or more.

The classic situation happened yesterday. All of us headed outside for a nice walk during a brief break in the June gloom. Jake was on his tricycle which has a push handle to help us help him steer. We have been using the push handle because he hasn't quite mastered the art of peddling and steering yet, that is, until yesterday when he insisted on peddling and steering all by himself. While we were happy to let him try, it was becoming apparent that this would be a very long walk. He'd peddle a few feet and then end up in the gutter or a flower bed & get stuck. He'd try to get unstuck, accidentally knock over the trike in the process and follow that by screaming which we thought meant he wanted help. Turns out, screaming is really code for "back off and don't you effen even think about helping me or I'll throw myself on the ground, roll around, arch my back and scream in the gutter all the while passers by gleam disapproving stares our way."

SO GLAD WE DECIDED TO DO THIS. Remind me the next time I have some crazy, hairbrained idea to go for a walk to instead rip my eyebrows off. That, of course, would be WAY more fun.

Or there is always the food issue. I'll serve a perfectly tasty meal for him and what could have been a pleasant dinner together is instead an hour filled with "I CAN'T", "I WON'T" and "NO MOMMY, NO THANK YOU." Sorry, champ, no points for being polite while screaming at me. All because I had the audacity to serve him anything other than a waffle, which in case you didn't know, is a recipe for unspeakable horrors.

Jake's pediatrician has reassured me that these outbursts are "normal" and that he'd be worried if he didn't have them. After witnessing one of Jake's "outbursts" in the waiting room, though, I really wanted to ask him if he had ever seen a more "normal" kid than Jake. The advice was also to just ignore him and let the tantrum run its course. Tried that and the unanimous conclusion is: does not work with Jake. We tried the 1-2-3 magic until we're blue in the face and that seems to be working SOMETIMES. If I were at home and was at the point of dropping him off downtown with a sign around his neck that said "best offer or FREE", I'd instead opt to pick up his twitching and shrieking body, carry him off to his bedroom, close the door and safely listen from the other side until he was done flinging himself around the room in a hysterical fit. The neighbors have actually asked if he's ok.

If that wasn't enough, Chloe is showing signs of the terribles already. When I say sign, I mean LARGE NEON BILLBOARD SIGN. The age of independence and assertiveness has offically begun and is not helped by the fact that she has 2, 4 or 15 teeth all coming in at the same time. Any inconvenience, and by inconvenience I mean not letting her eat cat food, is followed by the bottom lip quivering and then quickly escalates into throwing herself on the floor (sound familiar?), back arching and some crying and whining. Thankfully, not quite with the ferociousness of Jake, but still remarkable in it's own right. The ignoring works a bit better with her because right after starting, she'll take intermittent breaks to look up and see if anyone is watching the show. If there is, she'll continue said show. Such a drama queen. Who on earth does she get that from?

So when does this agony end? Is there ever an end or does it just manifest itself in different ways. I keep hearing that 4 is the new 2. WONDERFUL. And then there's always my well meaning mother's favorite comment,"Just wait till they're teenagers".

Friday, June 5, 2009

box car

give a kid a box.....

... and you'll wonder why you spent all that money on the toys they completely ignore. This little homemade car entertained them for a few days before disintegrating into a corrugated heap. Time to order more diapers!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Shop of Horrors

For the record, if I ever again have to hold down a freaked-out-hysterical-no-way-in-hell-will-I-let-this-person-touch-me preschooler while at the dentist, I'm running for the hills or checking my self in to the Happy Valley Mental Institution. In other words, I'm electing Jon next time.

We have been talking with Jake a lot about the dentist leading up to this appointment. I was dreading what I knew was coming. After all, you just know your kid. There was no way in hell that he was going to just lay back and let some complete strangers prod around in his mouth. But regardless, it had to be done. I finally decided on a highly recommended local pediatric dentist, crossed my fingers, said a prayer and made the appointment.

Monday was the big day so we, meaning Chloe & I, took Jake in for his very first dental checkup and got way more than we bargained for. He had 3 cavities. Honestly, when we first got there, cavities never even entered my mind. Denial? Perhaps, but I just didn't think a three yr old could have so many. Okay, maybe one, but certainly not three! I think the reason why I wasn't thinking about cavities was because I seemed to escape the first 14 years of my life without a single one. I know! And my mom didn't start brushing my teeth until I was like 3, so go figure. I ALREADY know, I'm a freak of nature. And before I get any really annoying emails about brushing methods or bla bla bla from all the teeth experts out there, I brush my kids teeth morning and night. I may not score points in the meticulousness department but I don't think anyone really does with a 3 year old.

I kind of felt like a horrible mother. As irrational as this is, I felt a bit paranoid too. Like they MUST be thinking that I have been neglecting his teeth and force feeding him candy and root beer ever since he could chew. My mind was bouncing from feeling guilty to pure, unadulterated fear. Fully knowing that this meant fillings, which meant Novocain, which meant a huge needle, which meant OH MY GAWD! So, I knew they'd have to knock him out in some way which is luckily what they do anyway. Apparently, my 3 year old wasn't their first. They convinced me that if they did sedate him, he wouldn't remember a thing. He'd be awake, but hopefully calm enough to let them poke and prod.

So, fast forward to today. Jake was given a mild sedative to help relax him and then some nitrous oxide (I know, so jealous) which, if anything, got him through the x-rays and the first filling. When it came to the last two, I swear he was levitating. It took all of my weight and every ounce of strength, including the dentist and her assistant to hold down his convulsing 34 lb. frame.

Thankfully, the dentist was really patient and sweet with him considering she had to hit a moving target with such precision. $435 and many tears later, the traumatized dentist offered my traumatized kid a cheap plastic toy and an 85 cent toothbrush. She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to supervise him constantly all day, even when he sleeps, to make sure that he's breathing and not swallowing his tongue. That, and no lollipops.

Sedatives starting to take affect just in time for x-rays!!

hitting the good stuff and off to fluffy little clouds.

first filling, so far so good.

post dental nightmare w/ new cheap plastic lizard and blanket friend in hand.
poor baby.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guess What!

[dramatic pause] we're back!

Where to even begin. I'm not even remotely sure and the beginning just seems so long ago. So, I'll just sum up. Bare with me.

Day 1 - 16 hour flight, 2 kids, no naps, benadryl, unfortunate reaction to Benadryl, screaming, writhing, teeth grinding, brain ache, no sleep, dirty looks, wine & vodka, wanting to punch Jon in his stomach because this was clearly ALL HIS FAULT.

Day 2 - recover, loving family for being there to take over

Day 3 - recovering still, Skipton Castle, recovering from Skipton Castle, fish and chips

family photo at Skipton Castle

Day 4-8 - Plane #3, Portugal and a nice dose of sunshine because where we're from we don't quite get enough, grandparent/grandchild intensive bonding time, beach, pool, prawns, sardines, sangria

Day 8-9 - Seville, Cathedral, Flamenco, spider bites, sangria, tapas, Alcazar gardens and palace

Day 9-11 - More Portugal and Prawns. Giant, tasty, garlic soaked prawns.


Day 12-13 - Plane #4, Cold, wet, West Yorkshire, shopping for winter clothes for kids to wear, packing for 4 days and 5 nights of bliss

Day 13-17 - Plane #5, Off to Paris for 4 fun, romantic, blister, steak frittes, non French speaking, well photographed, well slept, well shopped, wine, child free filled days of bliss. Yet more grandparent/grandchild intensive bonding time

In case you missed it, note the enormous, um, glass of wine - doncha just love Paris?

Day 18 - Eurostar, London, Piccadilly Circus, pints, shopping, old friends, more pints, dim sum at Ping Pong, first encounter with flowering tea and hopefully not the last

Day 19 - Plane #6, Back to cold, wet, West Yorkshire to reclaim our parental duties and rescue grandparents from theirs, good dose of Yorkshire curry

Day 20 - Chloe's Christening, marshmallowy delicious Chloe, beauty, love, overwhelmed, tears, pictures

See what I mean? delicious, no?

Day 21 - packing for home, fretting, visiting

Day 22 - Planes # 7 & 8, blue goo filled ball exploding over 2 rows of passengers (note the de-gooed green w/pink polka dots ball on tray in photo below), buying drinks for said passengers, kids sleeping for majority of flight (weee!), watch 3 1/2 movies (Bride Wars, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Marley and Me)(for those of you movie snobs out there that just rolled your eyes at my movie selection, I never get to watch chick flicks people, I was well over due), 15 month old baby screaming behind my seat (hey, as long as it's not mine - scream away), praise my perfect kids and my perfect husband for giving me such perfect kids, get home to a house reeking of cat pee and other odd greasy substances, put kids to bed, sleep a full 8 hours, wake up to day 23 with a cold.

For more photos, visit our flickr page here. They should keep you busy for a while.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

T-minus 5 days

... and loosing my mind by the second.

You see, we're going on a trip and this trip involves 2 toddlers, 16 hours of travel, 2 hour lay over in Vegas... during naptime, landing at 2:30 am our time/9 am England's, and probably lots of Benadryl and bloody Mary's per a friends suggestion. I, for some reason, had it in my mind since we booked this here trip 8 months ago, that we'd do the red eye like we usually do and slumber our way to the U.K., wake up nicely rested yet slightly disorientated with only 4-5 hours until we could recoup from the long journey with a good nights rest. We are doing no such thing. I mentioned that we are landing at 2:30am/9am local time, right? Many of you already know, I don't do the no sleep thing very gracefully. In fact, I seem to transform into some kind of horrible, blood thirsty swamp creature who is capable of taking a grown man's head clean off if I don't get my 8 hours. Or, so I've been told. God help us.... God help us all. {whimper}

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1 & 1/2 butterflies...

yes, one and a half. Your eyes are not a fooln' you. I sure as hell thought mine were though when I peeked in their bungalow yesterday. Sadly, Carle only has one working wing and the other is, well, kind of curled up and I think backwards. He had been dangling by that one sad little wing still half in his cocoon until I finally got up the nerve to pluck him out about an hour ago. 
So now, he's just kind of lying on the bottom of the bungalow twitching. Eric has both working wings but is sad about his partner, as we can all understand. It's kind of tragic in a weird buggy sort of way. I'll just have to try to convince Jake that he just escaped and flew away... Maybe I'll blame it on Grandma.

Honestly, I'm still not sure why they even have to do this. I mean, why? What, being a caterpillar just wasn't good enough? You had to go and turn inside out, spit off your head and still expect everything to just go as planned? Wings are lovely and all but at what cost?! I'm just say'n. I'm sure me dropping you when trying to move you to your new butterfly bungalow had nothing to do with it. Right? [shrug]

This is why you always buy two caterpillars, people! 

Friday, April 10, 2009

1 egg, 2 egg, red egg, blue egg

deep focus and concentration on the task at hand.

Oh, the fun you can have with eggs and food coloring.
Almost as much fun as fingers in food coloring.


ok.... I have to note the oversized t-shirt and artist smock (over the oversized tshirt). overkill maybe? food coloring scares me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Baby's 3!

How did this happen.... Jake turned 3 yesterday and I can't believe it. It just can't be. He was like just conceived, right? [sniffle]

Anyhoo, yesterday we had a party with about a dozen of his closest friends, complete with a Lightning McQueen cake (from the Disney Cars movie), a puppeteer & a bounce house. However, you'll just have to take my word for it because I neglected to take a single photo. Luckily, my good ol' reliable friend Sarah was armed with her trusty camera and was on her A game. Hopefully, she'll send a few my way so I can post them on here for you all. K-thanks.

So, like I said, the party pretty much went off without a hitch. No cake fiascos to speak of (thanks, Vons!). Unfortunately, that makes for some dull blogging.
Happy Birthday, Jakeeeeee!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st day of "day care"

"Chloe and her college student"

Her first day was actually last Wednesday. I'm a little behind. Apparently, caterpillars trump all. 

Sooo, I finally got a spot for Chloe in this Mom's day out program every Wednesday at a local church and boy are we excited. I was as nervous and reluctant as any garden variety mom would be. NOT! I snapped a few photos and ran laughing maniacally towards the door. No, I'm kidding [rolling eyes]. I'm not completely evil. However, I did skip to the car a little. I might have even whistled too. Lets just say, I was happy to have a few hours to myself.  

What's even better, Chloe was happy too. They said she spent most of the 3 hours wiping down toys, tables, chairs, children and basically anything that got in her way with a diaper wipe she somehow snatched out of a diaper bag which I find ADORABLE. Who doesn't find OCD tendencies cute? So the good news is she had fun and didn't really miss me. Except, well, I mean, I'm sure she missed me just a little, right? Just sayin'.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

becoming butterfly


Please allow me to introduce the newest members of our family, Eric & Carle (get it? heh heh heh hur). We adopted these two little guys today at the Kidspace museum and they're getting ready to go through some major changes. In case my blog wasn't exciting enough, I'm going to put a daily photo of the two of them on the right sidebar to allow you to track their progress. It doesn't get much more exciting than this. I'm actually pretty excited and probably even more excited than Jake. Do you think I could say excited again? I bet you're excited to find out how exciting it is to say excited.
Anyway, when they finally decide to turn into a chrysalis, we should have butterflies in about 7-11 days. This is what they will look like.

"Painted Lady Butterfly"
Here are a few more photos from today.

"Eric & Carle's new digs (complete with a brand new sports car)"

"Addie & Jake face off"

"Junior Archaeologist"