Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Happened?

Look, I just, I know, okay?

I've been wanting to write. Really. The Holidays for example. If you're not in my facebook loop, you probably feel like I forgot about it. I've neglected to catch you up on all the exciting things we did like going to visit Aunti Kathy in Santa Fe where it snowed. Yes, that's right people, REAL SNOW! I haven't told you how we opened present after present for 8 STRAIGHT, heart warming, mind numbing hours or how we had the most fun and relaxing plane ride EVER! Does sarcasm translate over my blog? If so, note it.

I've had a big long list of amazing & incredible things to write about, but all I've been able to do is post a few crappy pictures here and there and maybe write a clever caption or two. You see, I have two kids. One of which has decided that sitting or napping is completely unacceptable. We must clap, sing and go places. All the time. Over there, wait, no, OVER HERE. Look at that amazing house plant. Have you seen the heater? AMAZING. Hey look, lint! Can't you see my index finger, which is pointing at random places around the house, controls where your feet must take us? This very minute? I am not a rock. I am in need of intellectual nurturing... Now get to it lady!
I am in fact, trying to type this sentence out as Chloe screams from her room, demanding such nurturing. You see, it's nap time a.k.a. tour-guide-to-all-things-time, which used to be my blog/facebook/wii fit/shower/breakfast time. sigh.

ANYWAY, since I'm being summoned, here are a few holiday-ish pictures as required by law.


Christmas Eve Ferolito walk

Chloe just being cute
Making a gingerbread house, architect style.
either a snow angel in the making or too many rum balls or maybe BOTH.

snow angel
snow angels
you get the idea...

BTW.... I'm loving the word of the day.

Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) A soft thick lump or mass.
Synonyms: ball, chunk, clod, clump, lump
Usage: Jeannine very much feels like a glob today.


Addie's Mama said...

the picture of jake pulling his sled is gorgeous!

kitty said...

i hear ya. neither of my kids nap. GOOD TIMES. there are days when i look at my watch and count the moments until 5 p.m., at which time shotgun a beer and chase it with tequila.
no, not really.
actually, yeah. really.

Grandma E said...

I think a lesson or two in cake icing for Jonathan in May might be useful ??