Thursday, January 22, 2009

passport photo

Okay. Seriously. Taking a passport photo of a baby has to be one of the hardest challenges known to modern man. So hard in fact, I've taken a total of 74 photos just for one decent photo fitting the criteria. The criteria being thus, the eyes have to be open, mouth closed, background white, no shadows on face or background & looking straight at the camera. I gave a step by step instructional post when I did it with Jake way back in 06', however, he was much younger and couldn't get away from me as quickly. So tell me, which one would you choose? Now remember, this is a big decision since she's going to be stuck with this passport photo for the next 10 years. I know.

Perhaps this one? no, too shy.

or this? too scrunchy.

how about.... um. no.

on second thought... redo. background too dark.


Addie's Mama said...

she seems more cooperative then Jake was for his, as I seem to recall him not even being in some of the shots! And boy does Chloe look her Dad these days.

brandie said...

I love this compilation! I took at least 50 of Sofia and that was when she was 3 months so we could go to Mexico. Even then I couldn't manage to get it right. I ended up taking Max AND Sofia to worked, however she looks like Charlie Brown in the photo.