Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Guide to Using the Potty Properly

Jake has just completed week one of operation cold turkey - no diapers (except during bedtime because I'm not insane) and has put together a helpful instructional series for those interested in doing the same. He's very proud of his new big boy status as he gets to wear big boy underpants (on head & bottom).

Step 1: Remove underpants (not panties as Grandma likes to call them)

Step 2: Put underpants on head and grab a book and/or snack (optional)

Step 3: have a seat, wait and make deposit in potty receptacle.

Step 4: Wait some more. Deposits can take some time.

Step 5: get up, check for deposit and make sure to scream, "I MADE PEE PEE", every time whether or not a deposit has actually been made.

Step 6: deposit deposit into nearby toilet and flush

Step 7: repeatedly ask for an M&M since your mother or father was foolish enough to offer it once which is, of course, a binding agreement.

Step 8: insert M&M into mouth

Step 9: get a sticker

Step 10: apply sticker to potty chart

Step 11: admire the rewards for a job well done and immediately repeat the above steps because you reserved some of your last deposit for a second deposit. More deposits = more M& M's and stickers.

Jake gets a matchbox car every time he gets 7 stickers on his chart. He receives a little wind up toy if he deposits #2 or if he makes it through a day with out an accident. He has not received a windup toy yet. He also looses a car if he has an accident but gets it back the next time he successfully makes a deposit in the potty.
As hard as this week has been, there's no turning back now. Jake does seem into it, most of the time, so I've got high hopes that this won't take too long. As long as the M&M's, matchbox cars and other unmentionable threats and bribery keep flowing, he's on board.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Jake (not forgetting Mummy & Daddy!!!). Great blog - we've been crying with laughing. Keep 'em coming (and you Jake!!!).
Love Grandma & Grandpa