Friday, February 13, 2009

speaking of makeover....

the "Michelle"

In the spirit of reinventing fresh new looks, I had WAY too much fun reinventing Chloe's look.

No, actually, I don't get out much. Why do you ask?

the "Ivana"

the "Hilary"

"the other Vontrap kid"

the "hipster shag"
what's that you say? Give me more? You ask, I give. That's just how I roll people.

the "helicopter moose hunter"

the "Suri"

the "Farrah"
cue fan and sportscar

the "loopy actress"

well, that was fun.


Kathy said...

that's why you wanted a little girl. Before you know it she'll be online putting funny wigs on you. I say do it while you can.

Love the new chuddleyvision look.

Addie's Mama said...

looking good! the blog and the palin. now she just need's sarah's glasses too.