Wednesday, February 18, 2009

give your kids plenty of attention...

...Or else they'll pay you back later by seeking it in other ways kinda like this fellow. Dutch artist Benjamin Verdonck constructed a human-size nest on the side of a building in Rotterdam out of "the crowns of twenty-three silver birches, one birch, one willow, two straw bales, one bucket of spit, three bags of sand, twelve buckets of glue, and nineteen cans of polyurethane foam." Yes, a bucket of spit. I don't even know where to begin with that. how? why? He's Dutch, I guess that explains a lot.

So, I guess the question I have is, if I don't throw Chloe a 1st birthday party, will she end up building a nest on the side of a building later? Did this guy not get a 1st birthday party? This whole nest thing just strikes me as a serious cry for attention. It's kind of sad.... no? So, I've been struggling with whether or not to do a big blowout like the one I did for Jake this past week. I went kind of nuts with Jake's 1st birthday and I feel like I owe the same to Chloe. I know, she won't remember, right? BUT THERE WILL BE PHOTOS and she'll then see she didn't have any friends because her mother was too lazy to invite a bunch of people with babies that we didn't really know and how the 2nd child always gets the shaft. Later in life, she'll thank me for the endless hours of therapy, muddling over how her mom didn't care enough to throw her a party then, of course, she'll have to build a nest on the side of a building.

At first, I had all sorts of wild ideas like how fun it would be to have a party with a bunch of complete strangers with babies, and how I wouldn't want to die at all. I fantasize about balloons and streamers and a bunch of festive shit like that. Oh, it would be grand. I've even purchased a ridiculously expensive and poofy party dress for Chloe and printed invitations. But now, I've completely lost steam on the whole endeavor and would really prefer to just have a small family party which I know is JUST FINE. Just fine if you're not clinically insane like I am.

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LOVE the new look. Now I'm inspired.