Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st day of "day care"

"Chloe and her college student"

Her first day was actually last Wednesday. I'm a little behind. Apparently, caterpillars trump all. 

Sooo, I finally got a spot for Chloe in this Mom's day out program every Wednesday at a local church and boy are we excited. I was as nervous and reluctant as any garden variety mom would be. NOT! I snapped a few photos and ran laughing maniacally towards the door. No, I'm kidding [rolling eyes]. I'm not completely evil. However, I did skip to the car a little. I might have even whistled too. Lets just say, I was happy to have a few hours to myself.  

What's even better, Chloe was happy too. They said she spent most of the 3 hours wiping down toys, tables, chairs, children and basically anything that got in her way with a diaper wipe she somehow snatched out of a diaper bag which I find ADORABLE. Who doesn't find OCD tendencies cute? So the good news is she had fun and didn't really miss me. Except, well, I mean, I'm sure she missed me just a little, right? Just sayin'.

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