Thursday, March 19, 2009

banana poopy

I was given a good piece of advice from one of Jake's preschool teachers when I was ready to give up one week in and put Jake back in diapers. She simply said, there's no turning back. Once you start, never accept defeat. Thankfully, we heeded her advice and THANKFULLY Jake has made some wonderful progress. He's coming home in the same clothes he wore to preschool the majority of the time and amazingly the poops are moving closer and closer to the potty. We've even had a few in the potty and he likes to give those ones names based on what they remind him of like banana poopy, ball poopy and REALLY BIG poopy (TMI?). But for some reason, he has a thing for leaving them right next to the potty. Like hey, I know you've already had a hard day so let me just leave a little something here for you to clean up later because I just know how much you LOVE cleaning up crap. And remember, there's more where that came from!

We've gone through 4 charts, 2 boxes of matchbox cars (he now owns a large fleet of cars and trucks), and one jumbo bag of M&Ms. We're now wondering when to wean Jake off of the rewards. We're just nervous that if we wait any longer, he'll have a life filled with craving M&Ms every time he pees. And there is always an issue after he brushes his teeth but also just peed and is insisting on that M&M. I've tried convincing him that toothpaste was his reward but he just isn't buying it.

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