Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh, and Happy Birthday Chloe

Chloe Year One from Jeannine Emmett on Vimeo.

If you are having trouble watching the video here, you can go here to watch it.

Dearest Chloe,

I'm so amazed and more and more in love with you everyday. Today is sort of bittersweet as I watch you leave your infancy and step into toddlerhood... quite literally. You took your first steps just a few days ago and I can see already there is nothing stopping you. You already love life with everything in you and I'm looking forward to all the years that I get to watch you grow up and become the amazing and beautiful person that you will someday be. Just make sure to always brush your teeth and floss, love your brother even when he's mean to you, play in mud puddles, play hard to get, be strong, smile, love, trust, be compassionate, be passionate, climb trees, climb mountains, don't jump off a bridge just because everyone else does, know real beauty is on the inside, wish upon stars, believe in magic, know God loves you, dance in the rain, sing whenever the mood hits, watch sunrises and sunsets, take bubble baths, and always be true to yourself... Just please take your time. This last year flew by too fast. And always remember, you will always be my baby.

All my love,

MMMa mmma


Krimey said...

wow jeannine, i just felt about a dozen warm & fuzzies reading your letter to your daughter.

that was beautiful. you have a way with words.

happy birthday chloe!

Addie's Mama said...

happy birthday chloe! now that you are walking, Jake better watch out!