Thursday, April 16, 2009

1 & 1/2 butterflies...

yes, one and a half. Your eyes are not a fooln' you. I sure as hell thought mine were though when I peeked in their bungalow yesterday. Sadly, Carle only has one working wing and the other is, well, kind of curled up and I think backwards. He had been dangling by that one sad little wing still half in his cocoon until I finally got up the nerve to pluck him out about an hour ago. 
So now, he's just kind of lying on the bottom of the bungalow twitching. Eric has both working wings but is sad about his partner, as we can all understand. It's kind of tragic in a weird buggy sort of way. I'll just have to try to convince Jake that he just escaped and flew away... Maybe I'll blame it on Grandma.

Honestly, I'm still not sure why they even have to do this. I mean, why? What, being a caterpillar just wasn't good enough? You had to go and turn inside out, spit off your head and still expect everything to just go as planned? Wings are lovely and all but at what cost?! I'm just say'n. I'm sure me dropping you when trying to move you to your new butterfly bungalow had nothing to do with it. Right? [shrug]

This is why you always buy two caterpillars, people! 

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Krimey said...

hey at least one of them made it. that's more than would've happened on my watch. :))