Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guess What!

[dramatic pause] we're back!

Where to even begin. I'm not even remotely sure and the beginning just seems so long ago. So, I'll just sum up. Bare with me.

Day 1 - 16 hour flight, 2 kids, no naps, benadryl, unfortunate reaction to Benadryl, screaming, writhing, teeth grinding, brain ache, no sleep, dirty looks, wine & vodka, wanting to punch Jon in his stomach because this was clearly ALL HIS FAULT.

Day 2 - recover, loving family for being there to take over

Day 3 - recovering still, Skipton Castle, recovering from Skipton Castle, fish and chips

family photo at Skipton Castle

Day 4-8 - Plane #3, Portugal and a nice dose of sunshine because where we're from we don't quite get enough, grandparent/grandchild intensive bonding time, beach, pool, prawns, sardines, sangria

Day 8-9 - Seville, Cathedral, Flamenco, spider bites, sangria, tapas, Alcazar gardens and palace

Day 9-11 - More Portugal and Prawns. Giant, tasty, garlic soaked prawns.


Day 12-13 - Plane #4, Cold, wet, West Yorkshire, shopping for winter clothes for kids to wear, packing for 4 days and 5 nights of bliss

Day 13-17 - Plane #5, Off to Paris for 4 fun, romantic, blister, steak frittes, non French speaking, well photographed, well slept, well shopped, wine, child free filled days of bliss. Yet more grandparent/grandchild intensive bonding time

In case you missed it, note the enormous, um, glass of wine - doncha just love Paris?

Day 18 - Eurostar, London, Piccadilly Circus, pints, shopping, old friends, more pints, dim sum at Ping Pong, first encounter with flowering tea and hopefully not the last

Day 19 - Plane #6, Back to cold, wet, West Yorkshire to reclaim our parental duties and rescue grandparents from theirs, good dose of Yorkshire curry

Day 20 - Chloe's Christening, marshmallowy delicious Chloe, beauty, love, overwhelmed, tears, pictures

See what I mean? delicious, no?

Day 21 - packing for home, fretting, visiting

Day 22 - Planes # 7 & 8, blue goo filled ball exploding over 2 rows of passengers (note the de-gooed green w/pink polka dots ball on tray in photo below), buying drinks for said passengers, kids sleeping for majority of flight (weee!), watch 3 1/2 movies (Bride Wars, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Marley and Me)(for those of you movie snobs out there that just rolled your eyes at my movie selection, I never get to watch chick flicks people, I was well over due), 15 month old baby screaming behind my seat (hey, as long as it's not mine - scream away), praise my perfect kids and my perfect husband for giving me such perfect kids, get home to a house reeking of cat pee and other odd greasy substances, put kids to bed, sleep a full 8 hours, wake up to day 23 with a cold.

For more photos, visit our flickr page here. They should keep you busy for a while.