Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Things You Do for Love

Posing with "Mr. Recycle"

looking right at home on her new fork lift.

The thought bubble over Jakes head would read

Today we headed down to the West Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation for a stinky good time. Jake loves himself some garbage trucks and practically fainted with glee when he saw 50 or so of them lined up for his own amusement. Seriously. There were at least 50. All covered in ick and my son was out of his mind, happy about it. He climbed on them, honked their horns & pushed many a button. Not to worry, like any good germaphobe mother, I was well armed with a bucket of hand sanitizer and obsessively sanitized every square inch of his body once the whole fiasco was over.

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brandie said...

I just clicked over and saw this post...we were there! I'm sad we missed you, Sofia could have used Jake's perspective on the whole garbage truck experience. I think she would have far preferred if they had been pink and covered with princesses.