Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, what to title this one...

Maybe, "Dancing King", "So He Thinks He Can Dance", "Sir Dance A LOT", "Booty Shaker", "Dancing With the Jake"?

Oh I know, "Crazy Dancing Whacked Out Toddler".

Yeah, I think that's the one.

Sadly, this is the only video out of the many we thought we had recorded, but didn't because of our crappy broken camera. It does, however, give you a taste.

You have to admire how blissfully unencumbered he is. I think most toddlers fall into the category of either a bouncer or a booty shaker. Jake is more of a full-body-gyrating-breakdancing-on-the-ground-and-back-up-again-disco dude. He even has this move where he looks like he's playing an invisible keyboard. Don't ask me where he got this. I don't care. It's just awesome. I don't think there is likely anything more entertaining than watching him dance & just about everyone within sight didn't know quite what to make of him, but had to smile if not laugh (bless him). He's got moves, what can I say.

My name is Jake and I like to Dance!

No Purple Dinosaur

In case you're still really confused about the "no purple dinosaur' thing, the lake we were at in the video was called Barney Lake. Jonathan & I had the pleasure of hiking 8 miles to have a picnic at that lovely place. Also, in case you were wondering, Jonathan was not as big of a curmudgeon as he looks to be in the video.

I'm just finally getting my head around posting on this here blog. I almost forgot how it works... Wha? I have to actually type something of interest? Nah, how about I just post a few random photos from our recent trip to Grandma's house at Twin Lakes. We had such a great time and Jon & I even got away for a hike, just the two of us. WEEEEEE! More photos here.

Jake & his Auntie Kat

Jon and his "catch"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chudleyvision Turned 3

... two days ago. I've been a wee bit preoccupied with pirates and fat lips and such. This is the first photo I uploaded of Jake for my very first post. [sniff]

Happy belated birthday of sorts to my sweet little blog. [cueing hallmark muzac]

We've been through A LOT. Leaky boobs, a mucus plug or two, crying, screaming, faces melting and other wonderful moments. Ah, the memories. Misty water yada yada. You know where I'm going and I'm nice enough to spare you. maybe....

super hero

Let me introduce you to the Caped Pirate Crusader [ARRRRHHH] who is using his thumb of doom to take down Helmet Man. (Note karate moves even though he's never seen or been taught karate in his life... that I know of. Just curious, why is it that boys do this?)

I give you Helmet Man, the Caped Pirate Crusaders naughty nemesis [muaa aaa aaa aaaa]. Yes, both Dracula and Helmet Man are allowed to say the same thing. Bam! Boom! Pow! CRASH!