Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Purple Dinosaur

In case you're still really confused about the "no purple dinosaur' thing, the lake we were at in the video was called Barney Lake. Jonathan & I had the pleasure of hiking 8 miles to have a picnic at that lovely place. Also, in case you were wondering, Jonathan was not as big of a curmudgeon as he looks to be in the video.

I'm just finally getting my head around posting on this here blog. I almost forgot how it works... Wha? I have to actually type something of interest? Nah, how about I just post a few random photos from our recent trip to Grandma's house at Twin Lakes. We had such a great time and Jon & I even got away for a hike, just the two of us. WEEEEEE! More photos here.

Jake & his Auntie Kat

Jon and his "catch"

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brandie said...

I can not believe we were both heading North at the same time! Crazy. Barney Lake looks fun too!