Saturday, November 21, 2009

chickens are the new black

Haven't you heard? pshaw!

We're getting chickens!!! That's right, do not adjust your monitors. Because, getting a new house just wasn't enough. If you're on facebook and know me you probably already know this.

This whole chicken thing, for any of you who know me, wasn't an over night decision. I've had egg/chicken envy for years but we never really had the right yard to accommodate such creatures. This all started while reading a Martha Stewart magazine article about her chickens when I stumbled upon this cute coop, The Omlet Eglu, which is this very cool looking, ingeniously designed coop for the backyard chicken keeper. It's very Martha. But still I dreamed. Then the day came when we got this house & I knew I wouldn't have to dream anymore. So I ordered the coop last week and it arrived on Monday. It's not an eglu because we decided, unless the chickens are laying golden eggs, we're just not spending that kind of money. So, this is what we got...

It's by Handcrafted Coops and while I know it's not cheap per-say, but for the price that it would have cost Jon & I financially, mentally and emotionally to build one, it was worth it and still a lot cheaper than the eglu.

So, you might be asking why of all things am I raising chickens? Well, there is just something about knowing where your food is coming from that is nice. I've have this permaculture / urban farming fantasy in my head and I'm just crazy enough to try it. Chickens are not exactly what I am used to for a pet as not being the furbearing type, but there's just something sunny and useful about them that is endearing. Plus, depending on the breed, they can be very friendly, want a cuddle and follow you around your yard. They provide a natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden and eat all the bugs. I've even heard on and other blogs by people with them that they provide hours of entertainment. Food for them is cheap and each chicken will usually reward you with an egg a day.

So, since we moved in, Jon and I have been talking about this chicken venture. Well, mainly I have been doing the talking and convincing and pulling together power point presentations on just how much better our life would be if we had them and how I've got this chicken poop thing all figured out. I really don't, but for the sake of argument, I did just order a fancy new composter which in turn should give us amazing compost with all that poop we'll, erhum, I will be collecting which will in turn give us big fatty vegetables next spring. Have I mentioned that Jon doesn't eat veges OR EGGS? At least one of us is excited.