Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet the Girls

Lucy, the Rhode Island Red, and Ethel, the Plymouth Barred Rock, are the newest members of our kooky family. They're sweet, plucky and just about ready to lay me some eggs... this Spring.

We picked these two up last weekend at this little mom and pop place called Blue Hill Farm just north of Ojai where they raise pygmy goats, turkeys and, of corse, rare breeds of chickens.

more photos here of kids and pygmy goat kids to fullfill that cuteness need. No need to push, there's enough to go around.


Sarah Q said...

Can't wait to meet the girls!

Sara said...

Hi there..we get our organic chicken feed from the Malibu Feed Bin in, of course, Malibu at the corner of PCH and Topanga Canyon Road. It's not cheap but it is the only place I know of to get organic lay pellets. Congrats on your new chickens! The first eggs are so exciting.

. said...

Thanks Sara! we need to do a chicken playdate :)