Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost Spring

I'm so excited for Spring. This is the year that I decided to not be such a giant resource suck and start growing my own food in my own backyard. We all know about the chickens. Hell, even the checkout lady at Vons knows about the chickens. But now, I'm going a predictable step further and I'm doing a little vegetable garden experiment this Spring. Jon's just waiting for me to bring home a goat or bee hive because that's logically WHAT'S NEXT. I've flown so far into the deep end of this urban farming revolution movement or whatever you want to call it, that it's got a few family members and friends concerned.

So, a few weeks ago I sowed my seeds; a few types of tomatoes, a few types of peppers, carrots, beans, salad mix (that was actually what the seed pack called it) and Thyme & I've got strawberries in the mail. In years past I've always just picked up a few small seedlings from the nursery, which is fine, but this year I'm going from scratch, baby. I want to know where my seeds are from. I'm going the hardcore GMO free, open pollinated, non hybrid, untreated, organic bla, bla, bla... my head hurts. Anyway, THE SEEDS. Right, I'm beyond containing my excitement because some have actually started to sprout! I know! I can't believe it either. I'm actually growing something other a pile of laundry.

The next step is to wait for the true leaves to appear and once that happens I can transplant them into the ground. Only problem is, the ground outside my backdoor is a toxic mix of sand, clay, oh and nuclear waste. I'm only slightly irked by that that, but irked enough to buy a bag of organic soil from the local nursery and opt to plant in a raised bed. Okay, no problem. Now I just have to get Jon to build me one. On second thought, I may be transplanting these seedlings into pots.

I'm kidding. Jon, my hero, went to the place I loath beyond any other, the local building super store, and picked up some nice untreated redwood, got the pieces cut to size and now all he has to do is screw them together this weekend. I'll be sure to document that entertaining process later.

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