Saturday, February 27, 2010

in my shoes

This child has a serious shoe fetish. I know, a girl after my own heart. It's cute, it's normal... but really, is it? I've pretty much had to throw our "no shoes in the house" policy out the window because as soon as you take off your shoes, they're on her feet... and she definitely has her favorites. In particular, these damn white sandals that I recently picked up at Target for summer. As soon as she wakes up, there's no good morning, no nice to see you, oh no; she demands shoes, pointing her finger in the direction of her closet where she knows the sandals reside. I've tried to convince her to wear more seasonally appropriate shoes, but I might as well have asked her to wear squirrel carcasses on her feet. She wants sandals... oh, and OVER SOCKS no less.

So, the other day I tried to come up with some way to get her off the sandals. Maybe purses? Dolls? ugh! What to do, what to do? Finally, I realized that there is only one thing to do... Get her better shoes. Shoes to make her forget the silly sandals. And what could be more appropriate for the job than a pair of red mary janes?
IT WORKED! Now I just need to accept that these aren't coming off any time soon & she's probably going to insist on bathing and sleeping in them, too.

Now I want a pair!

Another favorite pastime is raiding my closet. She, without fail, will go for the highest heel possible. Heels I don't even wear and for some reason happen to own. She'll systematically pull every shoe she can reach off the shelves, trying each one on and parading around the house exclaiming, "CHOOOOOS!".

Choos? I wish. Kenneth Cole, actually.

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Anonymous said...

She has definitely inherited Grandma Brendas genes!! A girl just can't have too many shoes.