Thursday, February 4, 2010

oy to the vey

So, where was I? To sum up, we rang in New Years with some good friends and a bunch of people in Houston at the wee hour of 10:34 (tivo time), Lucy & Ethel still aren't laying me any eggs but are becoming good friends in the meantime, Jake and Chloe are bigger and louder than last year & I have lung tumors. Other than that it's pretty much same ol', same ol'.

You're probably wonder, well, what about that weather? Are you still knitting? The answers to both are rainy and yes. Oh, what, the tumors? So, about the tumors, I've named them Bob & Larry and they both have to go. Tuesday the 16th to be exact and we'll know for sure if they are malignant or not. The doctors think that even though Bob & Larry on the large side (a small orange & a lime) they most likely are benign. I've had no symptoms and was floored when told the news. If and when I get the xrays, I'll show you what these bad boys look like. Maybe they'll let me take them home in a jar. That would definitely make for an interesting show and tell for Jake.

The crazy thing about all this is they sort of got discovered on accident. It was one of those crazy things where I went into the ER thinking I had a burst appendix and instead had lung tumors. Thankfully, my appendix is fine. WOOHOO! It's really lucky in a roundabout way. I could have walked around with Bob & Larry for who knows how long and not even known it.

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Sarah Q said...

see ya Bob and Larry. Yer kind ain't wanted in these here parts.