Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bootie knitter

I can finally post about this now that the baby shower has passed. It was for a good friend of mine, Shannon, last Sunday.

First I did this hat. Adorable, right? Only issue is I made it for a baby and it would fit Jake perfectly. It fit Chloe, who's two, but was still a little roomy. Oh well. Still usable.

Then there were the booties that I wanted to go with it. Maybe I could make these fit a baby.... I should know better. I found this pattern for booties in the same book that I made the hat from, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and they looked SO adorable. However, these booties require an unnatural ability to knit with both hands and, apparently, feet or a third arm if you have one. I haven't yet mastered knitting in the round and this pattern makes you work with three double pointed needles which made me feel like I was wrestling an octopus. So after I untangled myself, I tossed it. Cursing and crying ensued.

Find happy place, find happy place! It's all downhill from here, just so you know.

Turns out, booties are hard. Really, really hard. I seriously considered knitting the baby a scarf instead, but then quickly realized that would be a bad idea. Knitting something to wrap around a babies neck could really back fire on me... and the baby.

So, I then decided I should google "SUPER EASY, BEGINNER baby booties" to see what I could come up with. After a bit of digging I found a nice little pattern that required only minimal knitting skills which was right up my alley. I knitted away and finished one bootie. And then disaster. The husband got hold of my laptop and closed the browser and somehow erased any trace of previous sites visited. Of course, finding a needle in a haystack would have been easier than finding that website again. Note to self: BOOKMARK, BOOKMARK BOOKMARK! So I cried some more. Anyone know a one legged baby? I really hope not, but in case you do, I've got his/her bootie.

Turns out I shouldn't knit under pressure. It kind of takes away any of the meditativeness that knitting is suppose to offer.

So, I drank a few glasses of wine and tried to find that place, that happy place to begin my search again for the easy baby bootie because Jeannine has OCD and a unhealthy determination to keep a babies feet warm. Finally, I found this site! Cute right? Well, once finished I realized that I had knitted booties for a baby with unusually large, different sized feet or a three year old... The gauge was all wrong even though I went by the instructions... You may be thinking, at least it'll go with the hat, right? Ugh! How sad are these?

They aren't even the same size! I think this qualifies as a thought gift. At least the bear saved me from total baby shower shame.


Adriana said...

I have so been there. Don't give up. I do find that making things that require 2 exactly the same sometimes sets you up for disappointment, because they are handmade and each one is "unique." ;) How about a baby cocoon? Those are really popular with newborn photos and I can direct you to some patterns.

The Lady of the House said...

love them!