Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Newspaper Basket

A neighbor recently had some major surgery done and since I can sympathize, I decided a delivery of fresh eggs to him and his family were in order. Only problem was, I didn't have any nice little baskets to put them in and I really didn't feel like bringing them over in a sad little tupperware container. Then, I remembered a craft that I had seen on some craft blog not to long ago and I decided to recreate it as well as I could.... it was a newspaper basket! I loved the idea of repurposing old newspapers or magazines into something useful and I didn't feel like trucking somewhere to buy a basket. We're trying to be more frugal these days, except with shoes..... Not the shoes. Anyway, I bet you're pretty damn excited to find out how I did this, right? You can hardly contain your excitement, I know. Let me explaaaaain, sugar.

First things first, you'll need a newspaper, scissors, a stapler, some craft glue, and ribbon. The cup of coffee or tea is optional, but a really good idea. You might want to consider it.

Trim the fold from a section of your paper to release each of the individual pages.

Then, fold each page lengthwise in half, then in half again, and then again, leaving you with a strip that's about 1-1/2 inches wide.

Start weaving the pieces together as snugly as possible and as you go, you can determine the size of your bottom (your basket's bottom, that is). I just wanted a little basket for a 1/2 dozen eggs so mine was 4 strips x 4 strips.

Now you'll want to fold all the ends up and weave the remaining strips to form the sides of the basket, stapling as you go. You'll have to overlap some strips but you can simply staple those together too, or if staples are just too hideous for you persnickety people, you can try craft glue or double sided tape. Make sure all the strips are taught, this will require some patience. Trust me.

When you reach the top, fold over the end pieces and tuck the outward ones into the strip below it, then trim the inside ones and staple them down so you don't see the ugly ends.

I then decided to take some nice, colorful pages out of a Anthropologie catalogue I had laying around to form the top edge. It sort of gives it a more finished look. You could also go all out and use ribbon or more newspaper or whatever suits the look you're trying to achieve. Since I didn't have any craft glue or a sewing machine, I didn't get all crazy. I cut a catalogue page into 2" strips and folded those in half. Then I wrapped that folded strip around the top edge so it covered it both inside and out. I got kind of fancy with some ribbon I had laying around and added a bow. I thought it was a nice touch being that it was a "gift" basket.
From start to finish this took me no more than 30 minutes for my little basket.

Voila! you should now have a nice little basket for your eggs, remotes, magazines or small Terrier. You might want to go wash your hands because they're probably pretty grey by now.

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Anonymous said...

We got that same newspaper in our driveway that I am sorry to report that ours did not have as fulfilling a life as yours. Instead of becoming a pretty gift basket with fresh eggs, ours went in the blue bin. So sad.