Saturday, March 13, 2010


Huh? Oh my. All day I looked at her and thought, "really? two? How can this be happening so fast? And then in the next breath, of course, cannot remember my life before her, as if it's been years and years. One of those incredibly hard to explain, and yet so very real parenting feelings.

The actual birthday started with cupcakes with her Emerson class pals, then a nice long nap, followed by pizza with the family and, of course, more cupcakes.

Then there was the party. Oh what a party. A fairy / pirate party, that is. Aside from the late pizza, the cupcake disaster and pinata flop, it was a lovely day. A perfectly mellow kind of day, well-suited to my little girl. Fairies (and fanciness), pirates, lots and lots of friends, and many, many balloons and fairycakes. Good times.

"cupcake disaster"

I know the feeling.

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Sarah Q said...

sorry we missed the festivities! happy birthday chloe!