Friday, April 30, 2010

Got Bok Choy?

We do!

... and boy is Jonathan excited. His face was intensionally cut out of the above photo because the look of excitement on his face is just too much to handle. Really, too much.

Jake, Adelaide, Clara & Chloe

We visited Tanaka Farms where our weekly produce CSA box comes from and got to pick veggies and strawberries. Great time and berry stained cheeks and shirts had by all. Even Jonathan.


Sarah Q. said...

thanks for the photo shout-out! and thanks for inviting us. SO FUN. it's definitely going to be an annual event - maybe minus the undercooked beets.

manga mboa said...

your children are blessed to have a parent so concerned and alerted of what's going on in the world (especially the hidding truth); God Bless;