Sunday, May 16, 2010

beautiful boy

Jacob is one of those kids that collects rocks, shells, and anything else he can find out in our backyard. He knows the name of all the rocks, shells and leaves, etc.

Jacob has a sweet side that can bring me to tears.

Jacob is picky with what he eats, watches, wears and reads.

Jacob has frequent screaming fits. Screaming, violent fits.

Jacob is very moody.

Jacob is very intelligent.

Jacob speaks very articulately, for his age.

Jacob hums and makes high pitch "train noises" while pacing on his tip toes and sucking on his fingers.

Jacob has trouble following verbal instructions at his preschool and at home.

Jacob doesn't understand when enough is enough.

Jacob doesn't like anything dirty.

Jacob doesn't like social situations.

Jacob doesn't play with his peers at preschool. He plays around them.

Jacob doesn't like loud noises.


is worrying us. Us, and his pediatrician. While a lot of this is developmentally normal, some of it's not. We have been asked by the pediatrician to have him assessed by a Neuro/behavioral development specialist. To us, we just want to know, either way, to finally know if our fears are justified or unjustified. We're just praying that they're unjustified. While I know either way he'll be taken care of and loved, I'm just not sure I'm ready for this. The thought of him never growing out of these behaviors is tough, to say the least.


Mountain Mama said...

Hang in there Lady. We've so enjoyed being on this journey with you from the beginning, even if only through cyberspace. And we're there with you now in thoughts and spirit.

Sarah Q. said...

Hugs and more hugs!

The Lady of the House said...