Friday, November 26, 2010

The Elusive Fall

Our pumpkin, "Charlie"

A VERY proud Jake with his AYSO trophies

Space Invaders!

Trick-or-treating gang of out of control sugar junkies...
and a banana.

Oh Fall, quite possibly my favorite season. Pumpkins (we grew our own this year!), creepy decorations, candy, pie, creepy decorations, giant inflatable spiders, comfort food, creepy decorations, endless foam tombstones, harvesting summer's bounty and a giant man sized banana (now there's a conspiracy theory). And before you scoff the Banana Man, his daughter, who was briefly lost during trick-or-treating mayhem, was found because she remembered to tell the people that found her that she was with the Banana. Say no more. BEST COSTUME EVER.
Mr. Banana & Snow White, what better combo? erhum.

So, back to Fall...... How could you be over already? I feel like I just put out the pumpkins and already I'm tossing them out for tinsel and Christmas music in every store. Can we at least get through Thanksgiving before the music, people?

Anyway, we started a new daunting yet fun tradition to our Fall repertoire, Soccer. We were a bit apprehensive about Jake and soccer understandably, but he did okay and even tried to make a goal during one game (video below) only to be foiled (boo). I was pretty sure we'd be lucky if we'd make it through on game without a meltdown, but alas, he proved us wrong. There were definitely games where he'd be completely preoccupied with perfecting his latest dance moves, looking at clouds or finding a ladybug, but at least he was on the field! Overall, the season was a success and he wants to play again next year.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving together and are recovering from calorie and tryptophan overload except for Jake whom I've come to accept is a pescetarian. Tomorrow we put up decorations for Christmas and amazingly we aren't the first on our block. ho ho ho.

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