Monday, November 22, 2010

What now?

A big question that is often asked when someone starts waking up is, what are we supposed to do? 

When it comes to the idea of taking action, it starts with seeking knowledge about every aspect of this. This is why I have a new section, Educate Yourself, devoted to some great documentaries for someone wanting to learn about the truth. You have to first be aware of things before acting, as you know. Learn, learn, learn all you can as knowledge dissolves fear and an educated society is a free society.

This also means a bit of evangelizing even though you may be ridiculed since "conspiracy theorist" have a definite stigma in today's society. People who step off the accepted path and question that path are sadly sometimes demonized as rebellious, trouble makers or just plain delusional. Just know your audience and don't badger people with this. I find a blog to be a good opportunity since they can choose to read about it or not. I never want to shove this information down people's throats as everybody has their own time when it comes to this awakening process. It's hard. It shatters a lot of the beliefs and ideals you held dear so many are just content to live in their bubble completely unaware. Ignorance is bliss for some, I guess.

There are generally two routes you can take once the awakening occurs, fear or love. That is your choice, but one is definitely more productive. However, If you choose love that doesn't mean you can't take measures to be prepared by buying survival food, saving seeds or investing in gold in case of economic collapse.

Preparing for the future is crucial. This means understanding that there is a big change coming. They'll likely try to collapse the current economic system and even possibly depopulate in some manner and then out of the resulting chaos, create order. You have to understand that the chaos is of their design so we will be more willing or even thankful to them for bringing a new order. This new order will likely be a Socialist system. They are already stripping away our rights (the Patriot Act) in order to condition us. If you watch the film, Invisible Empire, you'll understand better so I won't get into it here. Mainly, the important thing is they want chaos, war, fighting and civil unrest. Once something like the economy collapsing or 911 truth being mainstreamed, chaos will ensue thus fulfilling their agenda. 

We need to also show that we won't tolerate their control of the media and which control what information we get, or the way we're being treated (e.g. TSA). This is why you have to seek truth yourself outside of mainstream media sources. All media comes from the AP and this is not for convenience purposes, it's because it's easier to control that way. You can also exercise your rights by learning about your strawman , becoming a sovereign citizen and admiralty and maritime law. You can also do this simply by opting out of certain things. For example, at the airport I won't be scanned or I won't buy into their fear tactics with vaccines or terrorist etc. etc.  

Beyond that, breathe, calm down, your reality has been shattered, don't panic, be thankful, know who you are, and just try to absorb and learn. Do not expect to understand all this overnight, do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed... Learn first, then you will know enough to come up with your own course of action you wish to take. We're preparing by investing in commodities rather than intangible investments that wouldn't survive the dollars collapse. We're also learning to be more self sufficient and understandably bordering on paranoia, having a "bug out" plan in case shit hits the fan here in L.A.. Again, share, share, share without fear of ridicule, thus, choosing love over fear. That will lead to their demise better than anything because once people "wake up" they won't be as malleable. Welcome to understanding what freedom really is and being aware of the chains around all of us. The Matrix is a great analogy. Welcome to the matrix.

Above is a great series of videos (5, I think) that will help you further.


Krimey said...

this post was very fascinating to me. i especially like the suggestions you gave on how to become more self-sufficient and rely less on stock investing and more on "real" commodities. i talked to dean about it after i read this and he told me about other people who are bringing it up to him too. the movement is starting, slowly but surely.

i'm still not sure how i feel about some of the conspiracy theories, but i do think it makes a lot of sense to be able to rely on needing LESS and being more self-reliant.

thank you, again, for sharing your perspective jeannine.

. said...

To understand and accept that any of these conspiracies are true would require you to do your own homework and accepting requires you to change your current paradigm. That's a lot and a very difficult thing to do. Just understand that what you think you know is very far from actual reality. What we all grew up learning has shaped our opinion on our government and how it works. It operates in a very clandestine way and is far from the benevolernt friend we thought we hadt. I'm glad you're thinking about your investments and being more prepared and self sufficient. Yay!